CCTV has become an accepted method of reducing crime, protecting public spaces, business and organisations of all kinds. And, if incidents do occur, CCTV systems can provide valuable evidence that can improve the likelihood of a conviction.

Our sophisticated CCTV systems provide instant alerts when trouble occurs and have a proven track record of results, demonstrating that crime against people and properties can be substantially reduced.

We provide an extensive wide range of internal and external CCTV camera solutions to fit all applications, from residential dwellings to office blocks, hospitals, museums and public spaces. Our sophisticated CCTV systems can be fully and seamlessly integrated into other areas such as security lighting, access control, intruder and fire alarms.

Swift response

Remote Monitoring  offers 24-hour monitoring, with visual patrols or event-driven observation – all triggered by integrated motion or other sensors. Trained operatives can alert emergency services or initiate other procedures as required, ensuring a swift and appropriate response to any situation.

When intelligently linked with remote monitoring, CCTV cameras can further prevent crime with our full audio facilities, which enable our operatives to give warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors to the site.

In addition to detector-activated CCTV, remote viewing can also offer a number of building management and bespoke services. By remotely controlling gates and access barriers, via the CCTV transmission equipment, CCTV monitoring can offer a cost-effective alternative to manned guarding in the right applications.

CCTV transmission

Transmission is a fast growing area of CCTV and security system installation. Images and signals are now taken far beyond the confines of the on-site CCTV network and transmitted to the wider world. As well as using coax, twisted pair or fibre-optics for transmission, many products now send images via telephone (dial-up and ISDN, private and public networks), the internet and wireless media.

The benefits of the new flexibility in transmission systems mean that you can choose where to view the image. Remote monitoring can be managed from a central control room that covers several sites, from your home or even from a remote location while travelling. Images can even be transmitted through to the authorities in the event of an alarm; the possibilities opened up by new transmission technologies are endless.

Give us a call so we can discuss your individual needs to ensure you get the right system for the job. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of equipment possible for your budget. Meaning you can rest assure your home or business is more secure with a reliable CCTV System.