Secure Fencing Systems

Palisade Fencing, Mesh Fencing and Railings can be a great solution for outdoor Areas that need to be provided with a high level of security.

Here at MDS we very often are asked to provide perimeter security as part of the security package. A turnkey project securing the entire premises to complement our security equipment.


MDS’S palisade is a hugely popular, versatile and reliable fencing system. It addresses a wide range of perimeter security needs, from general-purpose demarcation to the highest security, rigorously tested fencing. Our palisade is available in various specifications and is particularly well-suited to the road and rail, utilities, education, retail, industrial, airports and ports and data centre sectors.

Its imposing appearance makes for an effective visual deterrent, while spiked tops, minimal foot holes and cutting-resistant solid steel vertical pales ensure excellent protection against unauthorised access, vandalism and attack. Additional security options such as triple spiked tops, razor wire coils, barbed wire and rotating spikes can further reinforce your boundary.

Palisade is the ideal solution for any business, school or public space in need of a strong, durable perimeter. Powder coating in an array of colours means that this product can be matched to corporate and brand identities or customised to assimilate with surrounding environments.

MDS`S hot-dip galvanize our palisade products to protect the steel from the elements, rust and other deterioration, guaranteeing an exceptionally long lifespan.

Unlike several alternatives, Barkers palisade fencing systems cope with sloping ground up to 25 degree angles without cutting down bays or making modifications. It is also flexible to most budgets and manufactured to BS 1722, 12 and beyond.

VGuard Mesh Fencing

VGuard mesh is our economical general-purpose boundary fencing system. It is suitable for applications where general site demarcation is required, such as schools, industrial sites, business parks and retail units that are at low risk of attack or breach .mds`s unique pro-fix hanging system makes the VGuard our quickest and easiest fence to install, meaning it’s favoured for rapid requirements.

Protruding spikes to the upper mesh border serve as a deterrent against climbing and scaling, and steel clips completed with stainless steel fixings helps prevent tampering. The ‘V’ profile, also known as a “crimp”, reinforces the mesh structure, whilst powder coating in a range of colours adds makes for a product which combines aesthetic appeal with high performance.

Additional security upgrades are available, which include barbed wire extensions and a full-height clamp bar in lieu of clips. Sloping ground is no problem for the VGuard either and can be overcome by using taller panels and additional posts.

Rite up to 4m high security 358 specifications used on the prison system.

SecureGuard 358

SecureGuard 358 mesh is our premium high-security boundary fencing system. It meets the very highest demarcation requirements to prevent and deter attack or breach internally and externally. It is ideally suited to any application that demands the toughest protective measures, including prisons, utilities, industrial, police facilities, schools, ports and airports.

This mesh fencing has tight, horizontal mesh apertures with anti-climb features, whilst offering strong visibility for CCTV and security patrols.

With flexibility, compliance and rigorous safety measures in mind, we manufacture to meet strict Home Office specifications and provide security tested SecureGuard alternative – the SecureGuard SR1.

Bespoke Fencing Systems

Here at MDS we can also provide bespoke fence systems to overcome obstacles or exciting features that might be in the way of the fence line you require.

We can also supply compatible gates and accessories for your fencing system. If you require border protection don’t hesitate to contact us today!