electric gates preston

If you are looking for new or replacement electric gates, barriers or turnstiles for your premises whether domestic or commercial in Preston, then look no further than MDS Security Systems. We are manufacturers of a wide range of security products, from our plant in Bolton.

We have over 26 years of experience in the security systems industry and all our automation products meet or exceed British Standards, giving you peace of mind of a quality product every time.

Electric Gates

We provide a wide range of electric gates to meet your security perimeter needs. Whether It’s sliding gates or track automated gates, we can help. We can span openings of 10 metres (single leaf) or up to 20 metres (double leaf) and come in a wide range of styles and gate finishes from aluminium to wrought iron. Whether you need sliding or swing gates, we can help.

Manual & Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

These car parking barriers are a great way of managing traffic flow and preventing unauthorised access to your premises. Available in both single leaf (9 metres) and double leaf (18 metres) and a wide range of finishes and styles. These can be either manual or automatic with additional access control facilities available.


We stock a wide range of pedestrian and security turnstiles, where managing pedestrian access is a priority. These are available in either single or doubles, half or full height options. These are made out of British Strong Box 2000 mild steel with a fully welded mainframe and can allow up to 15 people per minute to pass through.

Access Control Systems

All of our products come with access control systems to further prevent unauthorised access to your premises including key fob or card, which can be synched with your employee database, giving you full automation of all of our security products.

Domestic And Residential

As well as providing a wide range of commercial and industrial gates, we can also provide domestic and residential driveway gates in a wide range of colours and finishes to match the aesthetics of your property.

Trust MDS To Meet Your Requirements with automatic electric gates, barriers and turnstiles throughout Preston. Contact us now for more information.