3 Steps To Choose The Right Electric Gate

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Electric gates can add tremendous value to a property. Not only do they provide enhanced security to your home, but they can also be the aesthetic upgrade you’ve been wanting for your house. Whether you’ve already decided to have one … Continued

How to Create a Visitor Management System?

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As an owner of any business premises, you should expect to receive clients, customers, vendors, and visitors daily. The way companies handle and manage their guests varies. For some companies, the front-of-house reception is straightforward, as guests use the contactless … Continued

What Sectors are Good for Perimeter Security?

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Advancements in technology have helped in boosting the spectrum of perimeter security systems over the past decade. Perimeter security is historically used in detecting and preventing intrusion at high-risk sites, critical infrastructure, or even military facilities. These days, the use … Continued

Different Types of Turnstiles

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Security has always been an important interest for human civilization. People utilise security gates to prevent intruders from their valuables. One of the common types of security gates is turnstiles.   Turnstiles are built to let only one person gain … Continued

Why Use CCTV?

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What are the benefits of using a CCTV system at home or in a workplace? More and More of us around the world are switching on the benefits of CCTV security systems. In the UK alone it is now estimated … Continued

Love Or Hate?

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Here at MDS we try to provide our customers with the requirements they want. One of our customers wanted a bespoke coloured turnstile. The colour being BS4800 12b21 This is a unique colour for us as the request for it … Continued