The MDS Height Industrial Turnstile is a heavyweight turnstile designed to perform in any kind environment where high levels of durability and security are required to help ensure an easily controlled access point.

It can be configured as a single or double unit and can be configured with a full spectrum of access control systems allowing for maximum flexibility.

It can be specified with a wide range of options and bespoke requirements are easily adopted into the basic unit.

Product Overview

  • 120 degree 3 arm or 90 degree 4 arm.
  • Single full height.
  • Double full height.
  • Or Bi-directional.
  • British strong box 2000 mild steel fully welded main frame.
  • Powder coated in any RAL colour finish or hot dip galvanised.
  • Stainless steel turnstiles also available.
  • Trombone or straight arm design.
  • Rotors run in a sealed ball bearing housing in the base plate.
  • Full spectrum of controls available, card access, push button, intercom units, coin token, etc.
  • Canopies available on request.

Design Features

The turnstile can be controlled by the card reader arms mounted on to the framework or by push buttons mounted at a guardhouse. Wiring to the card readers runs through the framework, as this is a design feature of the unit the wiring is not visible. Acceptance of a card energises the relevant solenoid, which release the mechanism for a rotation of 90/120 degrees after which the mechanism

Automatically Relocks

An emergency release mechanism override is fitted, which provides free rotation when desired, in case of electrical power failure. As an option, the turnstile can be provided to automatically fail unlocked, under power

failure. A spring-loaded device always brings the arms to rest in the 0-degree position. There should be no difficulty in allowing 15 people per minute to pass through the turnstile.

Building/Installation Requirements

Firm levelled concrete plinth of 25 Mpa

minimum strength, suitable to accept drill in M12 x 75LG Anchor Bolts. Plinth 1600 x  1500 x 300; 8-off M12 Anchor Bolts drilled in on installation. Clearance opening: 1450 wide x 1500 high

Electrical Power Requirements

220v single phase 50hz; Power consumption:   2.3 amps at 24 volts DC per lock arrangement. 3 core (220VAC, 15A) power cable (and 5 core x 0.5mm minimum cable if push button control is required) on turnstile rotor centreline on top for connecting into lock arrangement and control panel. It comprises 80va transformers 220VAC/24DC with rectifier to power lock arrangement and control boards. System operation voltage: 24 volts DC


We are also capable of carrying out the required civils work, on request. Our after sales care offers a maintenance service, guaranteeing satisfaction and piece of mind.


  • Pedestrian Gate
  • Full Canopy Both Sides
  • Down Light
  • Anti-Climb Barriers
  • Intercoms and card reader brackets
  • Intercoms
  • Card readers
  • Numeration systems
  • Associated fencing systems


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