How to Create a Visitor Management System?

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As an owner of any business premises, you should expect to receive clients, customers, vendors, and visitors daily. The way companies handle and manage their guests varies.

For some companies, the front-of-house reception is straightforward, as guests use the contactless sign-in when entering the premises. And they are escorted or directed where to go, attend to them, and exit the building.

While others see it as an opportunity to establish a positive first impression for their guests, it can create a perception of professionalism, highlight a mapped-out process that assures adherence and implementation. It also helps the security and safety of the business and its visitors.

Some businesses have noticed the relevance of the latter and are already implementing the system. Handling of guests used to be an afterthought. Businesses consider little of it. But times are changing, and things are evolving.

More companies are now conscious and are implementing technological innovations that aim to streamline crucial business factors.

As a result, they have looked towards adding more efficiency by improving their visitor management system.

Reasons Companies Use Technological Solutions to Manage Their Visitors

  • Security: The old style of using paper logs is not secure. Using digital means to take your sign-in logs prevents visitors from snooping or seeing information they are not meant to see. When visitor lists are computed digitally and stored in the cloud, it enables companies to get a more detailed idea of people visiting, types of visits, and busiest times of the day.
  • Productivity: A visitor management system can help in increasing productivity by making things easier for your receptionist, which allows them to do other working activities. It can also increase productivity for staff that is expecting visitors, as it gives them an easier and quicker way to connect with their expecting guests.
  • Safety: When a visitor management system is handled by software that keeps visitor information digitally, it’s faster to get a list of visitors on the premises at any time. This can be helpful in emergency scenarios. More so, having an automated or digital visitor sign-in system can also see that all guests have read all safety protocols.
  • Branding: The front desk gives your guests their first impression of your organization. Hence it’s an important aspect of branding. It’s not a great impression if your visitors are to sign in using a paper log and go through a cumbersome process. An easy-to-use software system gives your visitors that you are modern and, more especially, competent.

Visitor Management Features to Have

  • Digital Sign-in and Out: It will ensure that visitors easily and quickly add their information using a touchscreen or keypad. Digital inputs eliminate redundancy, confusion and take away the possible errors of handwritten sign-ins.
  • Data Storage and Reports: All records of visitor check-in need to be properly secured. A timely report that lists anyone in the building at any time can be helpful in rare cases of an emergency evacuation.
  • Staff Notification: The visitor management system should have a system that notifies staff when a visitor who has come to visit them has signed in.


As you can see, creating a good visitor management system does not only makes the job of your front desk attendant easier and faster, it also helps in creating a good first impression and rubs good on your company and your brand.