Full Height Turnstile Grey

Love Or Hate?

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Here at MDS we try to provide our customers with the requirements they want. One of our customers wanted a bespoke coloured turnstile. The colour being BS4800 12b21
This is a unique colour for us as the request for it doesn’t come up often and is the first time we have used it on one of our products..

What Do You Think?

We have had mixed reviews here at the workshop! Abit like marmite some love it some hate it. The customer loves it so that’s all that matters.
We like having these unique colours come up as its great for us to see them on our products
We use Cromadex colours, so the colour options are limitless. Dependant or requirements all our turnstiles get zinc blasted and powder coated. We also provide a coastal environment treatment, this involves our turnstiles being zinc blasted, Galvanised and then double powder coated meaning they can stand up to the toughest of environments.

Why Are Turnstiles A Good Security Solution…

Turnstiles are a great security solution as they are fantastic for controlling access. Turnstiles are used on building sites, In warehouses, At football stadiums, In prisons ect.. Turnstiles make it easy to limit access to many areas. Our turnstiles can come with many additional extras like lighting, canopys and anti climb spikes. We can fit many different access control methods like push button systems, Payment systems, Card reader systems, Finger print scanning systems and Retinal scanning systems just to name a few options.

If your looking access control don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your options today!