What Sectors are Good for Perimeter Security?

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Advancements in technology have helped in boosting the spectrum of perimeter security systems over the past decade. Perimeter security is historically used in detecting and preventing intrusion at high-risk sites, critical infrastructure, or even military facilities.

These days, the use of perimeter security as the first line of defense against intruders has been widespread in other territories such as residential areas, factories, industries, refineries, transportation centers, retail spaces, and other urban and remote territories.

There are a lot of questions being asked. What sectors need perimeter security the most? What is the most effective type of perimeter security system? You will get to know as you read further.

What is Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security which can also be referred to as perimeter protection is a security system that uses technology to secure the perimeter of a site or facility against unauthorized access.

Generally speaking, perimeter security involves security gates and fencing. But with technology, it has gone some steps higher to incorporate more barriers that give you more security and protection against intrusion. This level of protection works with access control as well as video surveillance.

What Sectors are Good for Perimeter Security?

With the current situation of global security, different companies and sectors are faced with the risk of having their properties crashed and stolen by vandals and thieves. Risk managers at different companies must ensure that they come up with adequate measures to protect their territories against unforeseen harm.

As a result, the use of perimeter security is not restricted to any particular sector. A  business sector that is faced with security threats and has what it takes to implement the use of perimeter security can go for it.

Types of Perimeter Security Systems

There are different types of perimeter security systems today. However, we shall discuss three main types out of the lot in this section. There are:

  • CCTV Security System
  • Electrified Fences
  • Access Control System

#1. CCTV Security System

It is also known as circuit television. It involves the surveillance or supervision of the territory and capturing intruders through the use of cameras. It’s a good means for perimeter protection.

The technological system enables video surveillance to communicate alerts when it differentiates that the motion is from a vehicle or a human. You can incorporate this high video technology with other systems for more security or allow it to function independently.

#2. Electrified Fences

These are not your regular kind of fences. They are structured to activate alarms and send notifications when an intruder tries to climb them.

The electrical system in such fences shocks intruders. Although, it’s not permitted in all countries. It can be done in Europe, only with specific permits and in critical installations.

#3. Access Control System

Access control systems are technology specially created to restrict access only to authorized persons. Entry can be granted into a facility that uses a security system such as the access control system either by biometric pattern identification system, pin, or fingerprint.


Security is and has always been a necessity in the lives of humans. Hence, businesses and private individuals invest in security for protection. Being a technologically advanced and trusted system of security, perimeter security ensures better security for different sectors.